One phone. One case.
Infinite possibilities.

Collectible. Customizable. Affordable. Durable. Everything your iPhone case should be and so much more.

Reset My Case enables you to change the look of your iPhone case as often as you want without accumulating a vast collection of different cases. This is achieved through custom-designed printed inserts which fit perfectly into one durable, transparent case.

Your Phone = Your Style

Seasons change. Styles change. Your phone case should change too. With three themes to choose from, your iPhone case can be a way you express yourself. Choose a style that fits your life, your mood, or your personality.

Collect. Trade. Display.

Every insert is custom-designed and created in-house. But not all designs are created equal. Some are rare. Some are one of a kind. Collect them. Trade them with friends. And best yet: display your favorites for all to see all the time.

Two Ways to Play = Twice the Fun

Subscribe and you'll get new inserts every month. Buy a package of inserts and grow your collection to epic proportions. Or do both and increase your odds of getting every design. The choice is yours.

Less Plastic. Less Waste. Less Space.

Change doesn't have to come at a cost. Interchangable inserts for one case means less materials go into our cases and less space is wasted as you grow your collection. Best of all, people won't think you're a hoarder.

The Inserts

Reset My Case isn't about accumulating inserts designs; it's about collecting them. They're like trading cards for your phone. And just like trading cards, some inserts are rarer than others. That rarity is reflected in the process. The most common inserts are printed. Rarer inserts are made in small batches from a larger piece of artwork. A few are created individually. But at the base of every custom insert design are materials of the highest quality.

Check out our gallery to see Reset My Case inserts in action.

The Wallpapers

Inserts are all well and good for expressing yourself to those around you, but what about you? What do you get to see? How about awesome wallpapers? Each Reset My Case insert comes with three matching/coordinating wallpapers for you to use on both your home and lock screens. This way your phone insides don't miss out on all the fun your phone outsides are having.

View and download all available wallpapers here.

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Insert Subscriptions

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Insert Packages

Buy packages in any of the three themes to grow your collection. New package themes added every other month.

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10 Inserts

Breakdown: 7 common, 2 rare, 1 unique

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15 Inserts

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